ASAP campaign chooses goals for 2017

This past Tuesday, a group of informed and engaged citizens from the Athens and UGA community gathered in the Athens for Everyone headquarters to devise a plan for sexual assault prevention. Two committees have been formed: one that focuses on the greater Athens area and one that focuses on UGA.

Later that night, our outgoing president beseeched Americans to participate in active citizenry, grab a clipboard and start a conversation. We are ready for the work ahead and eager to get our supporters to commit to volunteering hours towards specific agendas.

The Athens group will focus on two main long-term goals this year. First, we will pick up the mantle of mandatory bystander training for bars. Second, we will develop a strategy to work through the school board to address safe dates and respect for the human body at age appropriate levels within the school system.

The UGA group will focus on getting bystander training onto the administrative radar and develop working relationships with RSVP, Safe Space, The Cottage, and Project Safe. Together these organizations can use underused resources to created a culture of consent throughout campus, including Greek organizations and the athletic department.

ASAP was joined by representatives from the Cottage and RSVP, as well as a significant number of the group, 86 Hate. We all recognized a mutual mission and are ready to work together to make 2017 a successful year for consent.

Immediate volunteer opportunities are taking place soon, so keep reading your updates from Athens for Everyone and make a commitment to being part of the change we want to see. As John Lewis famously said, “If not us, who? If not now, when?” Moving forward, monthly meetings will take place for the two groups separately. Feel free to join one or both. Once dates have been established, operations will commence.

Kate Dahlstrand – ASAP Campaign Coordinator
  • Can you come to a meeting?
  • Can you volunteer for outreach opportunities?
  • Can you offer your network and connections?
  • Can you give us an hour a month?
  • Can you do research for us?
  • Make phone calls?

Determine your level of interest and commitment. Then join us in whatever capacity you can.

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