Anti-Discrimination Movement to ACC Commission, “Deny Discrimination Ordinance If It Lacks Civil Rights Committee”

The proposed ACC Discrimination Ordinance will be going before the ACC Mayor & Commission on Tuesday, August 16 at the Agenda-Setting Session and voted on at the September 6 Voting Session.

The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement, along with Athens for Everyone, is asking for the Mayor & Commission to deny the ordinance as written currently. The current ordinance language does address discrimination by doormen, or “bouncers”, at bars that don’t serve food but does not address discrimination issues or situations anywhere else in the county.

From the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement press release, “We believe if this ordinance is passed as it stands, it will not protect local citizens or UGA students from being discriminated against in downtown Athens or surrounding areas. We’re pleading with our local government to partner with local citizens, businesses, and officials by establishing an Athens Civil Rights Committee (ACRC) to help ensure justice and equality occurs in Athens Clarke-County.”

Here is the proposed structure for the establishment of an Athens Civil Rights Committee.

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