Board of Directors

Other Coordinators

Brent Andrews serves as the Coordinator of the A4E Education Initiative.

Chris Dowd serves as the Operations Coordinator and Technical Coordinator.

A4E Committees

The Board of Directors receives advice and recommendations from two committees: Policy and Elections (PEC) and Finance and Ops (F&O).

Policy and Elections Committee

This committee consists of the following members: Lydia Aletraris, Laura Briggs, Hillary Brown, Eleanor Davis, Kelly Happe, Jesse Houle, Adam Lassila, Ashley Na, Jimena Vargas Pacora, Jenn Rice and Chad Whitley.

PEC has the power to determine A4E’s official position on matters of government policy and legislation (e.g. whether A4E supports or opposes certain bills making their way through the state legislature). PEC also gives advice to the Board of Directors on the endorsement of political candidates.

Finance and Operations Committee

This committee consists of the following members: Hillary Brown, Judy Burke, Chris Dowd, Kelly Happe, Jesse Houle, Adam Lassila and Jimena Vargas Pacora.

F&O does not have any formal powers, but makes a number of important recommendations to the Board of Directors. For example, F&O crafts the organization’s yearly budget and a number of internal policies and procedures as well. F&O also handles the paperwork necessary to keep A4E in compliance with federal, state and local authorities.