Call for Board applications

We are now soliciting nomination applications for the A4E Board of Directors

Applicants should be members of Athens for Everyone and agree with our core tenets. Board members serve 2-year terms. Board members should be willing and able to attend almost all meetings, both regular and special, and should also be willing to engage on our Facebook group, accept special assignments and serve on at least one of our standing committees (Finance & Operations or Policy & Elections) or initiatives (ASAP, GAIN, Education, Housing). Regular board meetings are once a month.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please fill out this application by Monday, January 15. If your nomination application is approved, you will be placed on the ballot for the annual membership meeting vote to be held on February 24.

Athens for Everyone’s goal is to have a board that is as diverse as our city is, and that represents all the different areas of the progressive and activist community whose goals we share. We’re looking to give as much organizational and political power as we can to historically and presently oppressed communities. A diverse Board is key to our movement and has the best chance of effectively bringing about the change we all need.

As we review applications we will also be looking for individuals who have experience with, formal expertise in, and/or interest in learning more about one or more of the following (in no particular order):

  • community organizing
  • interest in or experience with our aspirational goals and strategies, including grassroots organizing, radical economic thought, and electoral politics
  • expertise in economic issues, especially as they relate to racial and gender disparities
  • leftist, feminist, and anti-racist social movement history and activism
  • lobbying
  • fundraising and accounting
  • grant writing
  • computer programming/coding/software engineering
  • local and regional politics
  • leadership development
  • social media
  • interest in or demonstrated experience with our platform.

Fill out your application here.

If you have any questions about serving on the Board please contact Eleanor Davis, Chris Dowd, Kelly Happe, or Jesse Houle. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you more and help you with your application.


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