Continue the Athens Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign

What we want:

We’re working to build a culture of consent in which men stop raping, bystanders feel confident and know how to intervene, victims are believed, supported, and protected, and assailants know that their crimes are not tolerated or minimized by the community.

The benefits:

  1. Fewer assaults. Sexual assault has traumatic short- and long-term effects for many of the ⅓ of women who experience it at some point in their lives. Every assault prevented by a community where consent culture has taken root is a major, important victory.
  2. Less trauma for victims. Sexual assault will always be horrible, but a community where victims are believed and supported can avoid worsening the experience even further.
  3. Less fear. We live in a society where women are acutely aware of the danger inherent in a whole host of things they shouldn’t have to fear. By reducing sexual assault, we reduce the amount of fear women are forced to live with.
  4. Less patriarchy. The recognition of the humanity of women, of the validity of their rights and their preferences, that is a necessary part of a culture of consent, has spillover effects for the way that men treat women in general. A culture of consent leads to more respect, more recognition, more feminism, and more equality.

The political situation:

Creating a culture of consent can’t be done mostly through a public policy framework. Sexual assault is already illegal, yet it happens all the time. So ASAP is working to make progress through community-oriented initiatives, focusing right now including bystander training workshops.