Let’s be honest, 2016 was ROUGH, but good work was done and Athens for Everyone & progressives in Georgia still have reasons to celebrate…here are some of the best of many! Help us make 2017 an even bigger success! Donate today! 10. Consent Culture Now! Rally a Success! On a freezing […]

Top 10 Moments of 2016 for Athens for Everyone!

The ACC Mayor & Commission are set to vote on a program that will make Athens Transit buses free, year-round, for all Clarke County K-12 students at the August 2016 Voting Meeting. At the Agenda-Setting Session, Commissioner Sharyn Dickerson, District 1, brought up concerns that children couldn’t understand the value […]

Commissioner Dickerson Opposes K-12 Students Riding Athens Transit for “Free”

An Athens Bus Crosses Through Downtown Athens
Update: This item passed and Athens Transit is Fare-Free for all K-12 Clarke County students! In April, the ACC Commission approved allowing all students under 17 years of age to ride Athens Transit buses free for the summer of 2016. Athens for Everyone fully supported this idea and advocated for […]

Athens Transit Could be Fare-Free for Riders Under 18 Permanently! ...

Athens-Clarke County has struggled with an extremely high poverty rate for years. In fact, our 38% poverty rate is high enough to make us the poorest metro county in the entire US (1). A decade ago, the group Partners for a Prosperous Athens was formed to find ways to combat […]

Why Fare-Free Buses Would Benefit Athens