Amendment 1

Let’s be honest, 2016 was ROUGH, but good work was done and Athens for Everyone & progressives in Georgia still have reasons to celebrate…here are some of the best of many! Help us make 2017 an even bigger success! Donate today! 10. Consent Culture Now! Rally a Success! On a freezing […]

Top 10 Moments of 2016 for Athens for Everyone!

Athens for Everyone joins the Clarke County School Board, Superintendent Philip Lanoue, The Economic Justice Coalition, The Georgia Association of Educators, Concerned Black Clergy, the AFL-CIO, and other concerned organizations and community leaders in calling for voters to reject Nathan Deal’s so-called “Opportunity School District” amendment. This amendment is based […]

Opportunity School District in Georgia, a Model For Failure

UPDATE: Amendment 1 was soundly defeated! Thank you all for your hard work! On November 8, Georgia voters will face a ballot initiative that will fundamentally alter the landscape of K-12 public education in Georgia. Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District proposal, packaged as the method par excellence to save “chronically […]

Amendment 1: What, Why and How it Affects Us