Don’t let the GOP give our earnings to the 1%


We still have a chance to stop the GOP’s dangerous tax bill, but they need to hear from us.

Call now!

US Senator Johnny Isakson: (202) 224-3643

Released a statement saying this bill will help future generations, even though economists disagree.

US Senator David Perdue: (202) 224-3521

Says this bill will “ignite our economy.” Tell him how much you think it’s going to burn.


Busy Line? Try These Local Office Numbers:

Isakson: (770) 661-0999
Perdue:(404) 865-0087

Here’s a suggested script, but feel free to modify it:


My name is [NAME], calling from [CITY]. I’m calling today because I’m upset about the so-called Tax Cuts & Jobs Act the Senate has passed. This bill adds a trillion dollars to the deficit. It removes deductions that help people to give corporations and the super-wealthy a leg up. And it’s based on trickle-down economics, an idea that has been proven false many times. Tax cuts like this don’t benefit anyone except the super-wealthy, and they don’t do anything to boost the economy. Only about 20 percent of Americans support these changes! I demand that you listen to your constituents.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my concerns”

Last week, the senate GOP passed a dangerous and regressive tax plan over the protest of every Democrat and even one of their own. This bill is designed to funnel money to the wealthy, and it is a clear attack on the vast majority of Americans. Hiding behind the false idea of trickle-down economics, they are stealing from you to enrich the top 0.1%.

The GOP has sounded the alarm about any increase to the deficit for years, but they’re on track to add at least a trillion dollars to it through this bill. But that’s not all. It will also lead to 13 million people losing their health insurance, cut $400 billion dollars from Medicare, and strip 5 million people of their Medicaid coverage. These programs save lives and provide critical safety nets for your fellow Americans.
The same bill slips in language that would define life as beginning at conception, a clear attack on reproductive freedom. It makes corporate tax cuts permanent and personal ones temporary. Even Forbes magazine doesn’t approve of it!

Luckily, it isn’t law yet, so take 5 minutes and call your senators to let them know how you feel about this huge giveaway to the super-rich. If you have the time, you can also read this twitter thread and find steps you can take to exert the most pressure on your elected officials against this evil legislation.

Please call them TODAY.

TELL THEM: I don’t want to give my earnings to the 1 percent!

Thanks for caring,

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