It’s time to tell Gov. Deal you don’t want public tax dollars going to private schools. House Bills 217 and 787 have passed the legislature and sit on the governor’s desk for him to sign. We need him to veto them! Call: Gov. Nathan Deal: 404-656-1776 During this legislative session, […]

Action Alert: Keep Public Tax Dollars out of Private Schools

The 2018 session of the Georgia General Assembly didn’t bring a $15 minimum wage, a hate crimes bill or any gun control, but it did have some bright spots, mostly in the bills our members helped stop from becoming law. We stopped legislation that targeted immigrants! Senate Bill 452 would […]

When We Fight, We Win: The 2018 Legislative Session

With the failure of Piedmont Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia to reach an agreement by March 31, the time seemed right to post this blog entry from A4E member Tom Weiner, which argues for Medicare for All. (Note: Rep. Deborah Gonzalez introduced a Medicare for All bill […]

Angry About Your Healthcare? Medicare for All Might Help

Don’t stop now! We need to keep telling our legislators that we don’t believe in mandating cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Senate Bill 452 has already passed the Georgia senate. Last night, the house tried to fast-track it, passing it out of the rules committee and bringing it up […]

Action Alert: Stop Mandating Cooperation with ICE

Athens for Everyone sent a questionnaire about local issues on our 2017 Platform to all candidates for mayor and commission in all districts across Athens. We have published their responses here, unedited and in-full. Any candidate who has not yet responded is free to do so at any time and […]

2018 Local Candidate Questionnaires

The 2018 legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly is almost over, but we need you to keep calling. There’s still terrible legislation out there that we can stop! Need more information on any of these to write your script? You can read our 2018 State Legislative Session page for […]

ACTION ALERT: Stop this terrible legislation

It’s time to tell our legislators we believe in real free speech. SB 339 has already passed the Georgia senate (33-19 with all Democrats voting against it), and is now in the house, coming up for a vote TODAY. Deborah Gonzalez (D-117), Spencer Frye (D-118) and Jonathan Wallace (D-119) should […]

Action Alert: Protect Freedom of Speech

It’s time to tell our legislators we oppose any bill that makes it harder for Georgians to elect their own leaders. SB 363 has already passed the Georgia senate (where our local senator Bill Cowsert co-sponsored it!). Now it’s in the house. Deborah Gonzalez (D-117), Spencer Frye (D-118) and Jonathan […]

Action Alert: Stop Voter Suppression

Athens has been loud and clear: we stand with immigrants and against ICE. But ignoring their own community, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has continued to work with ICE to deport Athenians: destroying lives and ripping families apart. Instead of immediately reversing their policy of working with ICE, they chose […]

URGENT: tell the ACC Sheriff’s Office to stop hurting our ...