Athens For Everyone is proud to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) boycott of Wendy’s and strongly encourages others to do the same. Over the past several years, the CIW has targeted large corporate chains in order to secure basic but life-changing rights for the workers who pick tomatoes […]

Boycott Wendy’s to Support Our Farmers!

Part 2 of 2 [to read part 1, click here]   As the current pack of Republican presidential nominees stand before large crowds praising free-market capitalism, President Obama has been concluding seven-year long negotiations for a free-trade agreement that would encompass nearly forty percent of the world’s economy. In 1993, […]

Poverty and what we can do about it

Part 1 of 2: Can Jobs and Education Fight Poverty?   For social workers and those who work hard fighting poverty every day there are two primary methods used to attack the problem: treating the symptoms of being poor (e.g. feeding, clothing, and sheltering those in need) and job training […]

Poverty and what we can do about it

The message is clear – we must change the status quo.   Our kids continue to drop out of school, many in our workforce continue to be unskilled, businesses are locating in other communities, and our poverty level remains the same. Obviously something isn’t working.   We must demonstrate our […]

Partners for a Prosperous Athens