Immigrants’ Rights

Whereas, deportation destroys individual lives and breaks up families, Whereas, the new federal administration is taking steps to significantly increase the number of deportations beyond the already record levels of recent years, Whereas, a human being should never be detained or incarcerated because of their immigration status, Whereas, private detention […]

A4E Opposes All Deportations

Athens For Everyone is proud to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) boycott of Wendy’s and strongly encourages others to do the same. Over the past several years, the CIW has targeted large corporate chains in order to secure basic but life-changing rights for the workers who pick tomatoes […]

Boycott Wendy’s to Support Our Farmers!

On Friday a University of Georgia Judiciary Panel found UGA Senior Emma Krass guilty of violating the University Code of Student Conduct. The panel found that Krass, “violated rule 3.6, failure to comply with the orders of a university official, 3.7, violating the university’s Freedom of Expression policy, and 8.2, unauthorized […]

Emma Krass, Freedom University protester, found in violation of University ...