ACC Committee Meeting on Discrimination Ordinance @ City Hall
Jul 21 @ 5:30 pm
ACC Committee Meeting on Discrimination Ordinance @ City Hall | Athens | Georgia | United States

Our local government is discussing an Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in an official capacity as part of the Government Operations committeee on July 21st at 5:30pm. The language of the proposed code has been kept secret.

– A Human Relations Code:
The County Code must protect its residents with an enforceable Human Relations Code ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, pregnancy, religion, creed, age, documentation status, or disability by any business, employer, landlord, or public organization.
This code needs to cover the ENTIRE County, not just downtown.

– A Human Relations Commission:
The county should establish a Human Relations Commission to hear claims of discrimination, issue official findings which may be referenced in a court of law, and make recommendations on actions to be taken by the county, such as mediation or the suspending of alcohol or business licenses.
This should be a diverse commission representative of the people most vulnerable to discrimination in our community.

We are the people. The People. We are powerful when we stand together. Our elected leaders need to be reminded of this sometimes. Your presence, our presence, is powerful. Come stand together and let our County Commission know that we respectfully DEMAND a serious address of discrimination in our community, state, country, and world.
These meetings usually have have very few people show up to them, let’s FILL THE ROOM and let the Commission know it is a priority to the Athens Community to have a strong, enforceable anti-discrimination ordinance!

Public comment is not allowed at these meetings in an official capacity, but we can hold signs. While the inability to speak at these meetings is very frustrating, we ask all attendees to remain quiet and respectful. We highly encourage everyone who is willing to speak to the Committee members immediately after the meeting.

The Government Operations Committee will be deciding, at their July & August meetings, on a policy recommendation to be passed onto the full ACC Mayor & Commission. The Commission is expected to put it on the Agenda in August (8/16) and to vote on it at the September Voting meeting (9/16). Public Comment will be taken at those two meetings. It is very imporant that we attend all of these meetings and keep up the pressure.

If the front doors are locked, go around to the back entrance by the parking lot, that for will be open.

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