Twenty Athens residents showed up on Tuesday to the ACC Commission Agenda-Setting Session to advocate for an Athens Civil Rights Committee (ACRC) be added to the proposed Bar Admittance Ordinance. Many Commissioners voiced support for an ACRC, which would make recommendations to the county, educate the community, and be a […]

Residents Advocate for Athens Civil Rights Committee

Alex Vanden Heuvel of The Red and Black sat down with Tim Denson to discuss community activism, living wages, campus carry, and more. You can read the full Red and Black article here. 8/17/2016

The Red and Black interviews Tim Denson

Tim Denson, President of Athens for Everyone; Ashley Mensah, Vice-President; and Jesse Houle, Outreach Coordinator, sat down with Alexia Ridley for the Athens News Matters radio show on July 22, 2016. They discussed the anti-discrimination ordinance, living wages, and public transportation.   Listen on

A4E on Athens News Matters

The past few years have seen the concept of “community” become nearly enveloped by the pockets of big business. Indeed, with the dominant structures of “community” being mediated through the Internet – by its very nature a commercial channel – it only seems natural that commercial spaces are becoming the […]

Community Matters: The Case for Organic Community

The ACC Mayor & Commission are set to vote on a program that will make Athens Transit buses free, year-round, for all Clarke County K-12 students at the August 2016 Voting Meeting. At the Agenda-Setting Session, Commissioner Sharyn Dickerson, District 1, brought up concerns that children couldn’t understand the value […]

Commissioner Dickerson Opposes K-12 Students Riding Athens Transit for “Free”

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Drew has done some great work with Athens for Everyone as a Board Member, Founder, and Workers Rights Campaign Point Person. He organized A4E’s push for all ACC County employees to be paid a living wage, monthly worker empowerment Coffee Hours, and an ongoing boycott of Wendy’s restaurants until they […]

Member of the Month, August 2016: Drew Hooks

The anti-discrimination ordinance recommended by the ACC Government Operations Committee fully addresses Bar Admittance issues but is lacking elsewhere and does not contain the requested Human Relations Commission component. The Government Operations committee of the ACC commission is usually sparsely attended with no more than one or two community members. […]

Anti-Discrimination Ordinance discussed at packed ACC committee meeting

On Saturday, July 9, some 70 people gathered beneath the shady trees of the West Broad Market’s courtyard to stand up for public education. The event, organized by Athens for Everyone and the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE), served to kick off efforts by the local coalition—chaired by Bertis Downs, […]

Athens unites to oppose the state school takeover

Stop the killing library meeting
Community members gather, share ideas to address discrimination in Athens Briana Bivens Education Campaign Coordinator, Athens for Everyone July 15, 2016 “Okay, let’s start by turning to your neighbors. Introduce yourselves, get to know each other,” said Mokah Johnson of the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement. This collective display of respect and […]

‘Stop the Killing’ follow-up meeting